Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swim Safe

On Wednesday Fiona, from the Swim Magic team at Riverside Pool, talked to us about water safety. We learnt how to keep ourselves and our younger brothers and sisters safe not only in the swimming pool, but also around rivers, the sea, the home and farms. Later in the week we wrote thank you letters to Fiona and told her all our water related tales. If you want to learn more about the lessons Swim Magic offer check out the website at http://www.swimmagic.co.nz/

In poetry we have been looking at rhyme in the nursey rhyme Humpty Dumpty. We then worked with a friend to make up our own Humpty Dumpty poems and illustrated them with oil pastel and dye. Have listen to the fabulous end results.

We also set ourselves the challenge of writing a whole class alphabet poem using alliteration. This is what we have come up with so far:
Angry, annoyed, adorable ant. Busy, bendy bee. Crooked, crazy, colourful cat. Donald the dancing dog. Excellent Eddie Elephant. Fantastic flowers. Green grass. Harold the hungry horse. Interesting insects. Jumping, joyful jellyfish. Kicking kangaroo.

Can you come up with any alliterative lines for L-Z? If so please send it to us in a comment.

In Week 6 our tricky words will be 'does' and 'goes' and we will be looking at words with the i-e sound e.g. time, smile. In maths we will be playing dice games to help practice the different strategies we have learnt for adding small numbers. Our soft toys will be coming to school at the start of the week to be photographed for the books we are making with our buddies from Room 5. We will be writing a shared narrative story about what the toys get up to when they sleepover in the classroom. In art we will be looking at book illustrations by Eric Carle and starting to think about our class book on the bugs we saw on the stream visit.

I will be out of the classroom on a number of days over the next 2 weeks for report writing and ICT professional development. I appreciate your understanding and all should be back to normal by the end of Week 8.


Monday: Library books due back

Wednesday: Walk to School Wednesday

Tuesday 24th November: last day to vote for Yellow Pages art work http://www.yellowartawards.co.nz/

Monday 30th November: Suter Visit Aquamarine 1-3pm helpers needed

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December Kowhai production "Over the Rainbow" in the afternoon

Monday 14th December: Kowhai Big Day out at Tahuna Trains, all welcome

Tuesday 15th 2.15pm Room 11 ukelele sing along, all musicians welcome

Wednesday 16th December: Final Assembly 11.15, school at 12.15 for summer break

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