Friday, September 18, 2009

Fairy Tale Inquiry

Last week we had a special visit from some of our friends n Room 1. They shared their modern day retelling of traditional fairy tales with us. Well done Room 1, your ideas were very entertaining and you read your stories clearly and expressively.

We were making the most of the warmer weather this week by practicing our measuring skills and learning about capacity in the sandpit.

We have been continuing the acquiring knowledge part of our Fairy Tale inquiry unit by learning about how different personalities deal with conflict. Come and have a look in the class and decide if you are a fox, shark, turtle, teddy bear or owl. We also looked at key areas of good character inluding: responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, caring and respectfulness. This week we will be using this knowledge to help put together character profiles for some of our favourite fairy tale characters. Can you work out which fairy tale our poem from last week was about? Thank you to Lucy for the illustration.

We have been busy writing letters to Ben, who is off school with a broken leg. We hope to give the letters to you when you visit us this week. In the mean time here is our message to you.

In the final week of term 3 we will be looking at fractions in numeracy and finishing off our masks in art. Our tricky words will be 'make' and 'came' which will help us learn more about magic 'e'. We will hard at work practicing for our folk dancing performance and look forward to seeing you all there at 2.15 on Friday.


Monday: Library books due back, there will be no library books issued for over the holiday.

Friday 25th September: 2.15 Folk Dance Performance Trinity Hall, Term 3 ends at 3pm

Monday 12th October: Term 4 starts 8.55am

Friday 16th October: Mask Parade

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Citizens

Last week we worked on the chalk pastel background for our manu pictures inspired by the John Bevan Ford Exhibition at the Suter Gallery. Take a look at our pictures below or come in and see them on display in Room 11. Don't forget you can see the Suter Exhibitions for free on a Saturday.

We continued setting the scene for our Fairy Tale Citizens inquiry topic by thinking about our own good citizenship. You can listen to our ideas below or read them on the display in class. We illustrated our ideas using tuxpaint and kidpix on the computer.

Despite the heavy rain on Friday we did find a quiet enough moment to record our poem of the week that was linked to the 'qu' digraph. This weeks picture was coloured by Tom. Can you find the 'qu' words.

This week we will be revisiting the digraph 'ar' as in 'car' and looking at the tricky words 'use' and 'make'. Our instructional writing will be basd on making yoghurt. Check out our volcano instructions for last week on the room 11 Kidz stuff blog on the right panel of this blog. In maths we will be continuing our unit on measurement by learning about weight and capacity. In inquiry we will be moving to the acquiring knowledge stage of the SAUCE model by looking at the different ways people deal with conflict...are you an owl, turtle, teddy bear, shark or fox? In P.E. we will putting the final touches to our folk dances ready for the shared performance in week 10, check the date below. Art is a hustle and bustle of getting out Thai masks ready for next terms mask parade...any help is very welcome.

Have a great, safe week from Tracy and all our Room 11 friends.


Monday: Library books are due back

Wednesday: Walk to school Wednesday

Friday 25th September: 2-3pm Folk Dance Performance for parents

Friday 25th September: Term 3 ends 3pm

Monday 11th October Term 4 starts 8.55am

Friday 15th October: Mask Parade in the evening