Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maths Ideas

Last week we welcomed more new friends into Room 11. Here we are sharing reading books with our friends during our daily browse box time immediately after morning tea.

In maths we have been practicing our number recognition by playing 'snap' using a regular pack of cards with the picture cards removed. Playing card games and board games, such as snakes and ladders or ludo, is a great way for all the family to get involved in developing your child's maths skills.

The sounds for this week are 'h' and 'r' and the tricky words are 'we' and 'she'. Swimming should return to normal and our buddy class have invited us to share an extra swimming session with them on Friday!
During the week we will be developing a 'Class Charter' by decidng on our rights in the classrooom and our responsibilities in respecting these rights. On Wednesday we are having a visit from some Peer Mediators from Room 1 who will show us how they can help deal with tricky situations in the playground.
This week is 'Walk to School Week". Please remember to help your child fill in their record card see if they can walk to school everyday. Starting from this Wednesday we will be collecting data on how many children walk to school each Wednesday until the end of term. You can record this information on our class chart at the front of the room. So come on Room 11...put your best foot forward, get some exercise and be kind to the environment.
Monday: Liibrary books due back
Swimming everyday this week
2-6 March Walk to School Week
Friday 13th March School Photo Day

Monday, February 16, 2009

Popcorn and pasta

Last week as part of our work on the sound 'p' we made popcorn and wrote about the experience......we all agreed it was very tasty. Below you can see us modelling our pasta necklaces which was also part of our work on the sound 'p' and included our other sound of the week 'n'.

On Friday afternoon our buddy class helped us to decorate picture frames with pasta. The frames will be used for the photos that we have taken of each other. Keep an eye out in Room 11 for the finished results later this week.

This week we will be learning the sounds 'c', 'k' and 'e' and tricky words 'of' and 'he'. Our story focus will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. In maths we will be starting to work on different activities in our maths groups and the knowledge hotspot will be recognising numbers to 10 and saying numbers that come after a given number. In our inquiry topic "Getting Along Together" we will be learning about conflict mediation and meeting some of the new peer mediators from the senior part of the school. In art we will be producing a wax resist painting of Elmer the elephant using water colour dyes and white crayons.

Monday: Library books due back
Swimming: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
Next week is Feet First Walk to School Week

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to 2009 in Room 11

On Tuesday 3rd February 13 new friends arrived at Room 11 to start our 2009 class. In the 8 days we have been at school since then we have had lots of fun and plenty of learning has taken place already. Here you can see us on the first day checking out Renwick house.

Our topic is "Getting Along Together". Come and have a look in the classroom to see the qualities that we decided a good friend should have. Have a peep in our Kete Aroha (Friendship Basket) to see who has been a great friend this week. Here we are being good friends to each other during morning tea.

In literacy we have started our Jolly Phonics program and have already looked at the sounds s,a,t,i and the tricky words "I" , "a", and "the". We used the Starfall program in computing time to find out more about these sounds. Check out the links to Jolly Phonics and Starfall on the side bar of our blog. In maths we have been busy learning how to make graphs...come and have a look at the results on our maths board. We have also learned some simple "Brain Gym" exercises to help clear, wake up and focus our brains. If you would like to know more about this then ask your child for a demonstration or come and have a go in class. Here we are clearing our brains.

Next week we will be learning the sounds p and n and the tricky words "to" and "my". In maths we will be playing lots of new number games. Our topic work will move onto looking at conflict resolution and ways to deal with tricky friendship situations. Swimming starts this week so please send togs everyday and weather permiting we will be having our big day out at Tahuna on Thursday.

Thanks for reading our first blog. Remember to tell all your friends and family about it and have a go at leaving us a comment.


Library books are due back on Mondays.

Thursday 19th February: Kowhai Tahuna Beach Trip.

Send swimming togs everyday.