Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our First Butterfly!!!

Last week we continued working on our wiggle pictures from last term by adding texture to them. On Friday we used tuxpaint and kidpix to make digital wiggle pictures. Check out the 'Links For Kids" on the Nelson Central home page where you can download a free copy of tuxpaint.

Starting on 7th May Kelly Sports will be running after school sessions on the back playground. On Friday afternoon we had a taster of the kind of skills that will be taught. Here we are practicing our rugby passing.

We were all so excited to see our first butterfly finally hatch from its cocoon on Wednesday afternoon. When we came into class in the morning we knew something was about to happen as we could see the pattern of the butterfly's wing through the cocoon skin. Then suddenly we looked up and there it was, out in the open stretching its wings.

You can share the excitement with us by watching this short video.

This week we will be putting together our class book about "People Who Help us at School" marking the completion of our "Cool Schools" inquiry topic. Our next topic is "10 Ways to Save the Planet" and we will be watching this video made by Phillip Sigglekow to help us set the scene and think about why the earth needs saving.

Our tricky words for this week are 'for' and 'see' and we will be learning about the sounds made by the digraphs ' ee' and 'or'. If you would like to find out more about the Jolly Phonics program we are using come along to the parent's evening being held on Thursday 21st May at 7.00pm in the library.
We also have a number of visits to the Suter Gallery and the Museum this term. Check out the dates below and sign up on the list in Room 11 if you are able to help on one or more of these days.
Cross country practice starts this week, please send suitable footwear for these daily practices.
Monday: Library books due back
Wednesday 13th May Eye-Spy Exhibition at the Suter 1-3pm
Thursday 21st May Parents' Jolly Phonics evening 7-8.30pm
Tuesday 26th May Maori Legends workshop at the Museum 9.10-11am
Thursday 4th June Art and Movement Exhibition at the Suter 1-3pm
Monday 29th June Maori Musical Instruments workshop at the Museum 9.10-11am

Friday, April 10, 2009

Even though it was the last week of term we still managed to cram a heap of learning into 4 days. Above you can see a slide show of our hockey lesson with Jackie on Thursday. She was very impressed with our determination to learn these new skills and everyone had a lot of fun.

Also on Thursday we shared the jelly we had made the day before as part of our work on the sound 'j'. When we were making the jelly we learnt that water can be a solid, as in ice, a liquid, or a gas, as in the steam that came out of the jug when we boiled our water. Here we are enjoying the end results.

We hope you have enjoyed these slide shows. Keep checking the blog during the holidays to see what we will be learning next term and what has happened to our monarch caterpillars. There are now 4 cocoons.

See you all again on Monday 27th April.